Knowing more than one skill on the job used to be neat. Today, it’s a necessity. ThinkB!G can be the guide to your career and certification path.

People grow professionally through new skills — we take the concept of advancement seriously, and appreciate personal ambition. That’s why our training calendar is designed with your productivity and preferences in mind.

We offer training at our location (in Columbia, MD. – convenient to Baltimore and Washington D.C.), at your location, and online live. The size of the private classes and desired timeframe are up to you. Training is hands-on, fully catered and at a convenient location.

ThinkB!G offers course based training from Adobe Certified Instructors & Experts and CompTIA CTT+ Certified Instructors who are also senior developers and consultants. That’s why you might hear us say proudly, “We Build What We Teach®.” These hands-on, real-world experts are hand-picked to lead specialized instruction to build your skills.

Our unique Project Based Training® helps teams get productive much faster. It enables you to develop technology skills while building your project — production doesn’t stop while you learn; instead, ongoing learning enhances the production.

We welcome the opportunity to learn more about your training needs!

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