Savings with SmartPass Learning Licenses


Savings with SmartPass® Learning Licenses

Savings. Choice. Flexibility. Support. 

✓ Share on Savings!

• Purchase SmartPasses at a discounted flat rate to train individuals, teams, or the entire organization for a full calendar year from date of purchase.

✓ Choice of Classes All Year! 

• All SmartPasses are available to be used for ThinkB!G’s public open enrollment Training Classes.
• Each SmartPass® provides 2 days of training for 1 student.
• Each 2-day class is equivalent to 1 SmartPass. **Number of SmartPasses needed varies for Apple Certification, Autodesk Maya, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve and Microsoft Classes.

✓ Flexibility! 

• Bundle your SmartPasses to arrange Custom Private and/or Project Based Training Classes to “Learn While You Build” just for your team!
• At your location, our location or Online Live! Choose from our Courses and/or any other special training requests!
• **Travel expenses may apply if client location is outside the Washington, D.C. Metro area.

Different ways you can use SmartPasses!

Open Enrollment Public Classes: 1 Pass = Any 2-day training class, as posted on our Training Calendar.

Adobe Training & Certification Pack: 2 Passes = 4 days of training, *with an additional pass to be used for exam vouchers. Adobe Certified Associate CertPacks include 4 days of training, online test prep tool, and 1 exam voucher with 1 free retake. *1 additional SmartPass converts into 3 vouchers and pair up 2 SmartPasses with 1 voucher to take the CertPack. The remaining exam vouchers can be paired with 2 more SmartPasses each for another ACA CertPack Training that can be used by the same student another student in your organization)

Custom Private Training/Project Based Training: Combine SmartPasses to create a Custom Private or Project Based Training class. A minimum of 6 students/passes is required. Please contact us if you are interested and we can give you the details on how many SmartPasses will be required, based on your number of students and the topic.

Ongoing Support:  SmartSupport Hours are used to help with specific questions and issues relating to projects. SmartPass® clients can opt to convert a SmartPass® into 4 hours of SmartSupport that can be used for Technical Support, and/or Development Services. Learn While You Build! Receive one-on-one technical and/or development hourly support sessions with our experts who are both Senior Certified Instructors and developers/producers in the topic of your choice. All sessions are scheduled in advance and conducted online via Zoom for your convenience.

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Please call 301-362-2250 or contact us online for more information and to purchase a SmartPass!

SmartPass Testimonial: “Northeastern University’s Academic Technology Services bought a SmartPass to train staff on new technologies relevant to the flipped classroom and web development. We found the ThinkBig course instructors incredibly knowledgable and the coordinators flexible and responsive. The books offered along with the course were helpful, but it was clear that instructors were very experienced and highly effective in their areas and not just following along with the book–they seemed ready to engage and truly respond to questions, difficulties, and the specific conditions we’d be using software in. After finishing the SmartPass classes, we’ve seen improvements in our workflows, more confidence in teaching software, and the ability to leverage these e-learning and web tools to do some really great things. We bought another Smart Pass so we can jump in on any new ThinkBig classes offered in our area as soon as they become available, and we are currently working with the ThinkBig team to develop a custom e-learning development course. “ Lindsey S. – Northeastern University – SmartPass customer