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I Was Thoroughly Impressed With The Quality And Speed In This Class!

This was an excellent block of instruction. In either role as a beginner or expert, there was something new at every turn. I was thoroughly impressed with the quality and speed of this class. I was expecting it would be less structured than being in class but ThinkBig has proved you are superbly adaptable! I learned much so fast and I am excited to use these new skills as I advance in my career. -DOD, Veronica (Premiere Pro BootCamp / ACA Training and Certification Pack )

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Providing Qualified Professionals Who Can Easily Provide Guidance Throughout The Class!

Thank you for providing qualified professionals who can easily provide guidance throughout the class. Having deployable software for in-home/virtual training, was also extremely helpful. I would otherwise, not have been able to take the class. -DOD, Heather (Adobe Photoshop CC Introduction Live Hands-On Instructor-Led Training Class)

This Class Was A Great Help In Developing My Skills!

This class was a great help in developing my skills as a podcast editor. I feel more confident in using Audition for my projects and my quality is better in a short amount of time. -RSNA, Kelly (Adobe Audition CC Live Hands-On Instructor-Led Training Class)

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Engaging & Consistent!

The online [live] course was engaging and consistent. Recommended. -DOD, Jeremy (Social Media for Government)

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Another Excellent Experience!

Fourth class I’ve taken with Think BIG, and another excellent experience! -DOD, Laura (Adobe Acrobat Section 508 Accessibility Advanced)

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Helpful & Organized!

Love Think BIG, very helpful and organized. -Ayanna (Adobe Acrobat Section 508 Accessibility Intro)

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Knowledgeable Instructors!

The Instructor is very knowledgeable about the scriptwriting process. Great instructor. 10/10. -DMA, Lindsay (Storytelling & Script Writing for Video Production)

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Affordable Training & Top Notch Instructors!

What I love most about Think BIG is that the training is affordable, and the instructors are top-notch. -DOD, Elizabeth (Using JAWS Screen Reader for Testing PDF Accessibility)

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They Helped Me Become More Confident In My Skills!

Every course I’ve taken at Think BIG has helped me become more confident in my skills. Now I am the person my colleagues consult when they have a question. -DOD, Christina (Photoshop BootCamp / ACA Training and Certification Pack)

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Exceptional Amount Of Classes!

ThinkBig has an exceptional amount of class offerings and teachers to match. The amount you will learn will surprise you. You will regret not attending. -USDA, Victoria (Infographics Using Illustrator)

Quite Different From Other Training!

I think the best thing about ThinkBig is the fact that I feel well-supported starting before the course all the way to after taking the course. I think this is because there is a personal touch as to how they operate—quite different from other training resources. -DODIIS, Alexis (InDesign Bootcamp)

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I Always Learn Something New!

This is my third class, and I absolutely enjoy it. It is challenging, and even though I have some experience with some of the programs, I always learn something new! -DMA, Almagissel (Adobe Premiere Introduction)