Project Based Training®

Learn While You Build with Project Based Training®!

Get the training you need while working on your own project!

✓ Need to Get Productive Immediately?

• Learn While You Build with our unique Project Based Training® Service.

✓ Blending Production with Learning delivers the most efficient and productive training on the market today.

✓ By providing skills training on technology tool features that apply to the needs of the specific project, our clients can get skilled faster and continue projection while learning.

✓ With our Certified Instructors and Expert Senior Developers, our clients can receive custom training specific to their project needs.

✓ Project Based Training® is Available as a:

• Private One-on-One Training Class or Project Team Training On-Site
• Online Live or at our Technology Training Center in Columbia – Baltimore, Maryland location.


“Our InDesign Project Based Training was great! I’ve been using InDesign for about 10 years, but I’ve never had any formalized training on the program. I learned a lot of great short cuts and techniques to make me more efficient in my job. Thank you!” -Angela P., PSA Financial

“Thank you for allowing us to customize our Articulate training to address our specific issues.” – Carole M. FDA

“I came to this training as a self-taught In-Design user and walked away with many tips and tools to increase my daily efficiency and productivity.” -Kate H., PSA Financial

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