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“I was grateful to have a specialized class just for me and my team. We’re hoping to be the leaders in learning for this particular subject and its tricky because we’re still learning ourselves. Thanks to the great instruction and resources, I now feel significantly more confident in our ability to help others learn this […]
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“Thanks for putting the class together for us. It hit the mark and provided us with key knowledge and skills to use back on the job [our instructor] is a fabulous instructor who took the time to relay the information in a format that was on par for our level and made us feel comfortable. […]
Department of Defense DOD Logo
“This is the second class I’ve taken, both were excellent. The relaxed friendly environment that ThinkB!G.LearnSmart has created makes learning for all types of learners enjoyable and worthwhile.” – DOD (Using JAWS Screen Reader for Testing PDF Accessibility)
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“I really enjoyed the training today. I think the instructor was very clear and relatable.” Tanika J. – (GSA) General Services Administration (SEO Copywriting)
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“I loved the SEO training from Th!nk.BIG. It was informative and I can’t wait to apply what I learned at work!” – Craig C. – (GSA) General Services Administration (SEO Copywriting)
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“Thank you so much for the SEO Copywriting training! This is going to help us evolve and really start addressing the needs of our customers in the Federal Government.” – Ryan W. – (GSA) General Services Administration (SEO Copywriting)
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“[The Instructor] did very well at explaining the concepts and breaking down the steps. Training material will be helpful to look at more in depth after.” – Joe C. – Johns Hopkins APL (Microsoft Power BI)
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“I really liked this Power BI Class! I didn’t know this tool existed and it makes it easy to visualize data in graphs and charts. I was able to easily manipulate the data and see what I wanted to see very well.” Lauren P. – Johns Hopkins APL (Microsoft Power BI)
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“We’ve worked with Think BIG for the past three years to support our summer teacher institutes. Their customer service, professionalism, ease with set up, and quick problem solving are to be commended. It is incredibly helpful to not have to worry about whether teachers will have the appropriate tech support as they explore museum resources. […]
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In this hands-on, four-day Cinema 4D BootCamp (2-Day Introduction & 2-Day Advanced) training course, new or familiar to intermediate or advanced users will use and create in Maxon's Cinema 4D tool.