We are thrilled to announce an exciting update to our popular Social Media for Government Virtual Online Live Training (VOLT®)  program – we have now integrated artificial intelligence (AI) tools and techniques to help public agencies generate content faster and maximize the impact of their social media efforts.

As government organizations at all levels work to meet rising public expectations around digital services and online engagement, leveraging AI presents smarter, more efficient ways to connect with constituents on social platforms. Our enhanced 2-day interactive course will equip you with the latest knowledge and hands-on practice to succeed in today’s digital-first environment.

New AI Components To Our Social Media For Government Course

Through instruction and practical exercises, our updated training program incorporates AI across four key areas:

  1. Content Creation: Learn to utilize AI writing assistants to develop dynamic social media content strategies and easily generate posts tailored to your target audiences’ interests and needs.
  2. Performance Analytics: Harness predictive analytics tools to accurately benchmark your performance against industry metrics, pinpoint opportunities for improvement, and demonstrate ROI.
  3. Monitoring & Recommendations: Automate social listening and leverage AI suggestions to fine-tune messaging, respond faster to mentions, and optimize real-time engagement.
  4. Accessibility: Make agency social posts usable and understandable for all citizens by using machine learning to auto-generate captions, transcripts, and translations.

Social Media Strategies And Skills You Will Learn

In addition to lessons focused on specific AI applications, we’re still delivering all the social media essentials – ensuring you walk away with the tools and techniques for optimizing your agency’s social presence. Whether completely new to government social media or an experienced manager, you’ll get up-to-date best practices across:

  • Developing an effective cross-channel strategy
  • Creating engaging and shareable content
  • Analyzing key metrics and reporting impact
  • Securing leadership buy-in and support
  • Building a proficient social media team
  • Navigating specific legal considerations

By participating in our Social Media for Government with AI training course, you’ll gain actionable takeaways to minimize guesswork, work more efficiently, and excel at using social platforms to achieve agency goals. This invaluable course will arm your team with the right insights and latest tools to enhance community relations, provide superior services, and drive measurable impact across digital channels.

Our live online Social Media for Government with AI class allows you to learn remotely from anywhere using our VOLT® platform with no installs or downloads required. To get started view our upcoming class schedule here: https://thinkbiglearnsmart.com/courses/social-media-for-government-training/