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Columbia, MD – In today’s digital age, government agencies are increasingly recognizing the importance of a robust online content presence. To empower government professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to reach their online communities, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Google Analytics 4 & SEO with Copywriting Using AI for Government 2-Day Instructor-Led Virtual Online Live Training VOLT® for individuals, teams, and the enterprise.This hands-on course is specifically designed to equip government agencies with the skills to use Google Analytics 4 along with cutting-edge SEO copywriting strategies that leverage AI to create content efficiently and effectively for increasing website visibility. Gain insights into driving more traffic to targeted audiences for increased user engagement and achieving improved results.


Experience the Learning Journey: Google Analytics 4 & SEO with Copywriting Using AI

Unlock a Powerful Combination: Seamlessly integrate Google Analytics 4 & SEO Copywriting Using AI to accelerate content creation to amplify your online presence and monitor the impact on community engagement.

Gain Actionable Insights: Acquire hands-on experience and real-world examples to swiftly implement Google Analytics 4 reporting techniques leveraging SEO content strategies.

Targeted for Government Agencies: Learn strategies specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of government agency websites for effective online community engagement.

Expert-Led Sessions: Benefit from personalized guidance and expertise from an industry professional throughout the course, catering specifically to government-specific needs and challenges.

What to Expect in Our Google Analytics 4 & SEO with Copywriting Using AI Course

Explore key topics over two immersive days:

  • Grasp the essentials of SEO and its relevance in governmental contexts.
  • Develop strategic goal-setting techniques aligned with government agency objectives.
  • Harness AI writing tools for optimized content creation and enhancement.
  • Deploy on-page SEO tactics to bolster search engine visibility.
  • Utilize Google Analytics and other tools for performance measurement and continual improvement.
  • Delve into advanced Google Analytics features for comprehensive reporting and analysis.

Course Details

Google Analytics 4 & SEO with Copywriting using AI class is available for both public schedule enrollment and private team training. All classes are delivered through our Virtual Online Live Training (VOLT™) platform and include:

  • Interactive Instructor-Led Hands-On Virtual Online Live Training (VOLT™)
  • Training Delivered from Instructors that are Senior Consultants with real-world experience
  • Digital Course References & 1-Year Access to Searchable Class Recording
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Remote Access to ThinkB!G Class Computer with Software licenses & Class Files Pre-Installed for Use During Training–No Installs or Downloads
  • Instructor’s Real-Time View of Participant’s screen from ThinkB!G Class Computer Screen for Immediate Live Interactive Support

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