Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Training Course

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Training Course

Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Virtually Online Live & On-Site

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Training Course Description:

In this Adobe Digital Publishing Suite training course you will learn how to use Adobe DPS to design and layout mobile documents, build single-folio viewer apps to deliver innovative reading experiences, dynamic content, and high-impact advertising on leading tablet devices that get consumers more deeply engaged with your content and your brand. In addition you learn how to create multi-folio apps with entitlements and subscriptions, Apple iTunes and Newsstand subscriptions, custom viewer app navigation, for Apple iPad and Android tablets. Smooth integration with Adobe software and tight control over the complete application creation and publishing process empower you, your design, and production staff to deliver engaging tablet documents that meet even the most intensive deadlines. At the conclusion of this course you will be able to:

• Design and layout mobile documents
• Specify mobile device digital page orientations
• Specify the safe area of design for mobile device documents
• Describe how interactive overlays float above the digital page
• Create hyperlinks to different articles within the folio, online resources, or email addresses
• Create a multi-state objects and specify mobile device controls and functions for viewer interaction
• Create Folios and create articles and incorporate them into folios
• Manage articles in both Folio Builder Panel within Adobe InDesign and via Digital Publishing Suite Dashboard DPS Folio Producer tools
• Preview folios and articles via the Adobe Content Viewer

Prerequisites for Attending Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Training Course:

We encourage students to bring along their iPad devices to the training to test their output. Students must have taken our InDesign Introduction (or have working knowledge in all of the Intro outline topics). Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications and files, as well as navigate to other folders.

Job Roles That Use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite:

Media Publishers
Ad/Marketing Agencies
Graphic Designers
Multimedia Specialists

Projects That Use Adobe Digital Publishing Suite:

Content/ Publications for Tablet Devices

Locations for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite:

In Person at ThinkB!G’s Office in Columbia, MD (next to the Columbia Mall)
Online Live from Anywhere
Private Custom Training On Site or at Your Location
Project Based Training On Site or at Your Location

Times for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite:

In Person & Online Live: 8:30AM-3:00PM ET / 5:30AM-12:00PM PT (30 Minute Lunch)
Private Custom & Project Based Training: Your preference
*Please click the Dates To Register tab above to see all dates & times available.*

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Training Includes:

Hands-On Training Led by Certified Instructors
Print and/or Digital Courseware
Certificate of Completion
Continental Breakfast Every Day (In Person Only)
Catered Gourmet Deli Lunch Every Day (In Person Only)
Unlimited Snacks and Refreshments (In Person Only)
Notebook & Pen (In Person Only)
Free Parking (In Person Only)

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Training Course Reviews From Our Students:

“Fabulous experience! So much to try when I get back to the office. This Digital Publishing training class will help to make our products much more sophisticated and usable.” – Sally B. – NASA

“The last four days have been a blast and a great learning experience! Can’t wait to put the things I’ve learned into practice.” – Deborah M. – NASA (took EPUB and then Digital Publishing Suite training).

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Digital Publishing Suite Training Outline

1. Introduction
The future of publishing
Course objectives
Overview of the Digital Publishing Workflow
Using Adobe IDs for digital publishing
Digital Publishing Suite pricing options
Bringing the future to the present
Prerequisites and system requirements
Installing the DPS tools
DPS resources

2. Document Design
Consider digital ‘page’ orientation
Create smooth scrolling articles
Swipe articles horizontally
Create snap to page articles
Enable pinch and zoom for articles

3. Creating Documents
Guidelines for creating documents
Creating documents with horizontal and vertical orientation
Smooth scrolling articles
Create documents for multiple devices
Design tips for multiple renditions
Folder structure for importing articles

4. Interactivity
Explore methods to create overlays
Identify supported and unsupported features
Best practice for creating overlays
Overlays Creator panel basics

5. Buttons and Hyperlink Overlays
Create links using the buttons panel
Create links to other articles
Button hyperlink to web page
Hyperlink to HTML Internal Resources
Article hyperlink

6. Creating Folios
Explore the Folio Builder panel
Filter displayed folios
Sort folios
Signing into the folio panel
Create, share and delete a folio
Create local folios

7. Creating Articles and Layouts
Create an article from an open document
Add a layout to an article
Structuring folders for imported articles
Import a folder of InDesign documents

8. Slideshow Overlays
Create a multi-state object
Slideshow overlay settings
Overlay creator slideshow options

9. Image Sequence Overlays
Create an image sequence overlay
Specify image sequence settings

10. Audio and Video Overlays
Audio overlays
Video overlays
Place an audio file into an article
Add a progressive playback skin
Placing a video into an article and specifying a posterframe

11. Panorama Overlay
Place a panorama file
Specify panorama overlay settings
Overlay creator options

12. Pan and Zoom Overlays
Place image into document
Pan and zoom tips
Specify pan and zoom settings

13. Scrollable Frame Overlays
Scrollable frame for ‘pan’ method
Using the ‘Paste Into’ command
Scrollable text frame using ‘pan’ method
Tray scrolls and tabs

14. Web Content Overlays
Adding web content to an article page
Insert ‘local’ HTML to an article page
Scale and interactive options

15. Managing Articles – Folio Panel
Add and change article properties
Edit and update an article
Copy an article to another folio
Rename and delete an article
Changing the order of articles

16. Managing Articles – DPS Dashboard Folio Producer
DPS Single-Edition features
Single-folio viewer app
Using the Folio producer
Folio producer: editor


All course objectives and outlines are a guide for students.  To ensure student satisfaction, these course topics and order may be modified or added to ensure the latest information is covered to support real world use of the technology.

Watch below to learn more about Adobe Digital Publishing Suite. This is just an informational video from Adobe & does not reflect how our online live courses are conducted.

“The information I gained in this class will be immediately applicable to my work. I enjoyed returning to this location for new training. Thank you again.” – Karen N. United States Coast Guard 

“Fabulous experience! So much to try when I get back to the office. This class will help to make our products much more sophisticated and usable.” – Sally B., NASA

“This is an excellent company; they always put the customer first.” – Henry S., Loyola College

“The last four days have been a blast and a great learning experience! Can’t wait to put the things I’ve learned into practice.” – Deborah M. – NASA

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