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Apply What You Learned

“The class was great and the instructor did a great job in covering the foundation of storyboarding and applying what we learned.” – Army – Sarah – (Storyboarding for eLearning)

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Excellent Customer Service

“Great facility, breakfast, lunch, and snacks! Excellent customer service as well. Overall, this was a great training!!!” – FDA – Karina – (SEO Copywriting)

Knowledgeable, Helpful, and Up To Speed

“Wonderful class with a great amount of useful information. It will certainly help understand how to improve our websites and serve customers better. The instructor was very knowledgable, helpful, and up to speed on current trends.” – Treasury – Larry – (Google Analytics)

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Excellent and Useful

“Excellent and useful class. Exercises really guide us to get the ball rolling and get great input!” – FDA – Donna – (SEO Copywriting)

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Great Class!

“The class is great. I feel we covered a lot, given the time frame we had to complete it. I will keep the learning material and use Access to implement it in my everyday workplace.” – ArmyEd – Stacy – (Microsoft Access)

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Most Enjoyable Training Session I Have Ever Taken

“This was the most enjoyable training session, I have ever taken. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend this training to everyone.” – Andrea Y. – CMS HHS (InDesign Intro Course)

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I Would Recommend This Class Emphatically

“This course was excellent. The instructor is so knowledgeable about not just Adobe InDesign, but the history of design programs as a whole. That knowledge made her explanations more meaningful and memorable. I would recommend her and this class emphatically.” – Brandie J. – Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services for Maryland Government (InDesign Class)

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Valuable Skills for Graphic Designers

“Over the past two weeks, I took both Advanced InDesign and Advanced Illustrator with this instructor. I was already familiar with each program, but learned many new tips and tricks that I know will be valuable in my day to day work as a Graphic Designer. These courses were extremely helpful and I hope to take more in the future!” – Rebecca O. – DOD (InDesign Intro & Advanced)

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Location, Customer Service & Instruction Were Great

“Think Big’s location, Customer Service, and [our teacher]’s instruction all provided a great experience. I appreciated the smaller class, which encouraged the ability to ask questions. The instructor made sure everyone understood the topics before moving forward. I found this helpful very helpful. We loved the fact breakfast and lunch were provided. What a great way to look out for your clients!” – Donna R. – Howard County Government (Adobe Premiere Pro Training Course)

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Fantastic Organization, Knowledgeable Trainers, Best Learning Environment Ever!

“Fantastic organization, knowledgeable trainers, best learning environment ever! I will be able to serve as a backup initially and then competitor with the other designers at work. The combination of the knowledge and the delivery style of the presenter made it an easy to learn and most effective training.” – Pamela D. – DOD (InDesign Training)

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Very Informative Class With A Very Experienced Instructor

“Very informative class with a very experienced instructor who was happy to answer any and all questions the class presented.” – Christopher S. – Maryland Army & National Guard (InDesign Training Classes)

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Ready to Make Positive Changes In The Office

“I came to the class with very little experience. I feel that I am ready to get back to the office and make positive changes to our graphic products. This is a great class for the beginner or the self-taught dabbler who wants more out of InDesign. The instructor was very knowledgeable. The company is very user-friendly and there are many support mechanisms available for post-class questions.” – Karen N. – DHS (InDesign Intro Training)