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“Amazing, every single time! From the staff, trainers, owner, food, and snacks! It is all top-notch. Thank you!” – SSA – Mark L. (Adobe Audition)

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Great Overview for Beginners

“The Adobe Premiere Pro Intro class was a great overview of the program for beginners. I came into the class intimidated to use Premiere Pro but am leaving with more confidence now that I know how it works. The instructor gave us great background knowledge and helped us navigate the program with ease.” – Department of State – Amanda (Adobe Premiere Pro)

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Helpful with Newer Versions

“Even as an advanced Photoshop user, I still found the intro course helpful for the newer versions of Photoshop. I’m learning things I never even knew existed.” – DOD – Fallon M. – (Photoshop Intro)

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New Capabilities

“I work in Acrobat all the time and really knew NONE of its capabilities. Our instructor is very knowledgeable in this program. I thoroughly enjoyed the class and learned a lot. Thank you! I look forward to taking more courses in the future.” – ArmyEd – Cydra R. – (Adobe Acrobat DC BootCamp)

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Learned a Great Deal of Practical Applications for Using Microphones and Editing

“I loved the class – great instructor and fellow students! I learned a great deal of practical applications for using microphones and editing of the audio.” – Margaret G. – USDA (Audio Recording Fundamentals Training)

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency OCC US Treasury Logo
Had a Great Time at Think Big.

“Had a great time at Think Big. Great location and amenities!” – Andrew S. – US Treasury (Audio Recording Fundamentals Training)

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Always Impressed by the Top-Notch Instruction

“I’ve participated in half a dozen or so trainings here and am always impressed by the top-notch instruction. I’ve always been able to immediately put into practice what I’ve learned.” – Carole M. – FDA (Audio Recording Fundamentals Training)

Department of Defense DOD Logo
The Instructors are World Class

“The facility is terrific, the staff are extremely helpful, and the instructors are world class. As always, a fantastic experience courtesy of Think Big!” – Jimmy S. – DOD (Adobe Audition Training)

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I Learned Features That Will (Literally) Save me HOURS of Work

“This class was very beneficial to what I do on a daily basis. I’m self-taught and I learned some features that will (literally) save me HOURS of work.” – Debbie F. – GSA (Adobe Audition Training Course)

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A Ton of Invaluable Stuff

Not sure where to start..there was a TON of invaluable stuff I learned. I’m excited about the practical applications of this software, and also what it will end up teaching me about music.” – Julie M. – NIH (Audition)

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Specialized Class for Me & My Team!

“I was grateful to have a specialized class just for me and my team. We’re hoping to be the leaders in learning for this particular subject and its tricky because we’re still learning ourselves. Thanks to the great instruction and resources, I now feel significantly more confident in our ability to help others learn this valuable skillset.” – DOD (Using JAWS Screen Reader for Testing PDF Accessibility)

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Hit the Mark with Key Knowledge!

“Thanks for putting the class together for us. It hit the mark and provided us with key knowledge and skills to use back on the job [our instructor] is a fabulous instructor who took the time to relay the information in a format that was on par for our level and made us feel comfortable. He is very knowledgeable and could answer all of our questions and more.” – DOD (Using JAWS Screen Reader for Testing PDF Accessibility)