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Very Pleased With the Two Days Spent in the Training

“I’m not a trained designer and designing brochures and programs is only part of my job. Though I’ve been using InDesign for several years, I’ve never had formal training until this class. I learned the right way to do many things, as well as many tips and tricks to increase efficiency when using the software. Very pleased with the two days spent in the training.” – Shelley C. – JHU (Adobe InDesign Training Course)

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Gained Knowledge to Start Projects

“Before this course, I had very little knowledge of the capabilities of InDesign, this was my first real experience with the software. Even after just an introductory course, I feel as if I have gained enough knowledge to start work on projects and explore the software further. The information in this course also has intrigued my interest in learning additional Adobe products.” – Kerrie A. – University of Maryland (InDesign Intro Training)

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Information Presented In a Fun, Interactive, Informative Way

“The best part of this training was the instructor’s ability to present the information in a fun, interactive, informative way. His personality as a trainer made a big difference for me. I would definitely come back to another of his training sessions here. Having an in-person training on the Adobe software provides a much more tailored learning experience than via online or workbook courses.” – Allison I. – JHU (Intro to Adobe InDesign)

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Useful Tips & Hints Beyond the Book

“Well-paced instruction with useful tips and hints beyond what was provided in the book. Instructor very knowledgeable of the subject matter and willing to provide information/instruction to questions that were specifically related to work-related documentation/issues.” – Susan P. – Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab (Intro to InDesign Training)

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I Had a One of a Kind Learning Experience

“I had a one of a kind learning experience in the ThinkB!G Adobe InDesign Workshop. My instructor was engaging, informative, and always clarified student needs and questions. I learned so much in two days and feel more prepared to return to the workplace and create materials for mass dissemination in this program.” – Joanna G. – Johns Hopkins University (Adobe InDesign Intro Course)

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Confident In Taking On New Projects

“I thought this (Premiere Pro Intro) training was excellent. I feel confident in taking on new video projects with the introductory course, and am excited to begin the advanced course in order to learn as much as I can. The instructor was personable, fun and extremely knowledgeable. He answered questions, did a thorough covering of content and offered advice and guidance on a more detailed level in order to help those taking the course improve professionally.” – Denee C. – Harford County Public Schools (Premiere Pro Intro Training)

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Participants Were Cheering Throughout the Training

“This instructor was an engaging and knowledgeable trainer who modified and adapted our Captivate 7 training to meet the needs of a diverse group of online instructors, and professional development staff. Participants were literally cheering throughout the two day training.” – Angela V. – JHU (Captivate Training)

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My Goals Were Met & Surpassed

“This was a fantastic two days. My goals were met and surpassed… and I REALLY had a great time doing it (and ate well to boot).” – Bill W. – Montgomery College (Captivate Intro)

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I Learned Everything I Wanted To & More!

“I would recommend this training! I learned everything I wanted to and more. The instructor was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable on the subject of the class. This was very helpful and I look forward to going back to work and use the knowledge that I received from this class on future projects.” – Tiffany H. – Towson University (Adobe Captivate Training)

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I Can’t Begin To Express How Great My Experience Was

“I can’t begin to express how great my experience learning Adobe Captivate was. The instructor was lively and incredibly knowledgeable, and was always willing to stop and help or look something up. The book was useful, and the pace and class size were ideal. Thank you so much for the experience, and I hope to take more trainings with you!” – Holly S. – University of Maryland Medical Center (Captivate Intro Training)

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I Recommend to Anyone!

I would recommend this training and your center to anyone looking for an excellent training experience! It was a well-spent two days.” – Karen S., Johns Hopkins University (Storyline Intro)

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No Longer Overwhelmed!

“The introduction to Articulate Storyline class was a great start to learning the software. The class was a good way to quiet the concerns of the software being overwhelming, although there is a great deal to learn. I feel confident that I will do well creating small projects. As my skill set grows, so will my projects.” -Brenda H. – University of Michigan-Flint (Articulate Storyline Intro)