Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Live Hands-On Instructor-Led Training Class

Baltimore, Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Virtually Online Live & On-Site at Your Location

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Outline & Course Information

ThinkB!G Exclusive LogoDuration & Times: 2 Days – 8:30AM-3:00PM ET / 5:30AM-12:00PM PT (30 Minute Complimentary Lunch)

Locations for Training:
In Person at ThinkB!G in Columbia, Maryland near Baltimore, Washington D.C., Virginia region.
Virtually Online Live (VOLT) From Anywhere! Students Join the Same In Person Class Remotely.
Upon Request: Onsite Custom Private Training at Your Location!

Course Description: In this hands-on, two-day Cross-Platform Mobile App Development training course, you will build upon HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript fundamentals and learn by creating, packaging and developing mobile apps. You will use PhoneGap Build and jQuery Mobile for mobile app development. This course is taught by our expert mobile apps developer, to deliver you the industry best practices and mobile application development tools to use for building an app, and learning app design. The types of mobile application development platforms covered in this course include iPhone (iOS) app development, Android app development, and Windows app development for smartphones. The topics covered in this course include HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and responsive layout for apps, setting up a development environment with tools like Brackets and Code Editor, building a simple app with PhoneGap Build, applying the jQuery Mobile framework for rapid app development, using PhoneGap Build for formating and enabling an API, and lastly, delivering a cross platform mobile app.

Prerequisites: The following ThinkB!G classes or working knowledge in all topics covered in these outlines:
HTML, HTML5 Introduction with CSS
HTML5 & CSS3 Advanced for Responsive Web Design
JavaScript & jQuery Intro (optional)
JavaScript & jQuery Advanced with JSON & Ajax (optional)

Job Roles That Use Cross-Platform Mobile App Development:
Web Developers
Mobile Game Developers

Projects That Use Cross-Platform Mobile App Development:
Creating Mobile Apps for iOs, Android, and Windows 8 Smartphones using one codebase

Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Course Outline

1. HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript and Responsive Layout for Apps Overview
Defining Structure with HTML5
Responsive Styling with CSS3
Adding JavaScript to Enhance Interface and Responsiveness
Configuring meta tags for proper viewing

2. Setting up Development Environment
Code Editor
Local Server
Local Server is required for external data calls
Open Source Solutions for Working with JavaScript and JQuery

3. Building a Simple Mobile App with Phone Gap Build
The Role of Cordova/PhoneGap Libraries
Using PhoneGap Build to Package App

4. Using the jQuery Mobile Framework for Rapid App Development
Structure of a jQuery Mobile App
jQuery Mobile Elements: Pages, Buttons, Lists
jQuery Mobile APIs: Change Page

5. The Config.xml File and PhoneGap Build
Splash Screen sizes and formats
Icon Sizes and Formats
App playback and configuration
Enabling and restricting features on Device
Enabling Phonegap API plugins

6. PhoneGap API Example
Example to demonstrate how plugins are used to control mobile device hardware

7. Packaging and Delivering a Cross-Platform App
Signing the App

Disclaimer: All course objectives and outlines are used as a guideline and are subject to change to ensure the latest information is covered to support real world use of the technology.

Software Versions: ThinkB!G open enrollment classes are taught on the most current version of software whenever possible. To request a specific version, please Contact Us or call us at 301-362-2250.

What You Get
  • Hands-On Official Authorized Training & Certification
  • Training Delivered from Instructors that are Senior Consultants Certified by Adobe (ACI), Apple (ACT), & Microsoft (MCT), and others
  • Official Curriculum Courseware & Personal Use of Class Recording for Limited Time
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Remote Access to ThinkB!G Student Computer with Software licenses & Class Files Pre-Installed for Use During Training--No Installs or Downloads
  • Instructor's Real-Time View of ThinkB!G Student Computer Screen for Immediate Live Interactive Support
  • If Certification Training is Selected, It May Include a Test Prep Tool, Testing Voucher with Free Retake, and Proctor Fee (if taken with ThinkB!G Virtually)
  • Note: IT Support is Available to Pre-Flight Virtual Class Set Up Before & During Training

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What's Included?

  • Custom Outline to include Targeted Topics Based on Your Learning Needs
  • Hands-On Official Authorized Training & Certification
  • Training Delivered from Instructors that are Senior Consultants Certified by Adobe (ACI), Apple (ACT), & Microsoft (MCT)
  • Official Curriculum Courseware
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Computer (Apple Mac or Windows PC) with Software & Class Files (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
  • Continental Breakfast Every Day (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
  • Catered Gourmet Deli Lunch Every Day (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
  • Unlimited Snacks and Refreshments (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
  • Notebook & Pen (In Person Only)
  • Free Parking (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)

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Payment Policy for Public Enrollment Classes

Payment and/or Purchase Order is required 16 Business Days (Monday-Friday) prior to first date of training class.


Payment Policy for Private & Project Based Training® Classes

Payment and/or Purchase Order is required 16 Business Days (Monday-Friday) prior to first date of training service.  Pricing provided is firm fixed price based on number of students.  Client is responsible for entire amount regardless of change in number of registrations.


Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for Public Enrollment Classes

  • Classes may be canceled if less than 4 students are registered. We will notify you of cancellations no later than 16 business days prior to class.
  • Canceling/Rescheduling more than 16 business days prior to class: You are eligible for a refund or free reschedule. Registration is transferable to another student for the same class & date.
  • Canceling/Rescheduling less than 16 business days prior to class: No refund. No Reschedule. Registration is transferable to another student for the same class & date.
  • No Shows without contact: No refund. No Reschedule.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for Custom/Private and On-Site Training Classes

  • No penalty if cancellation/reschedule is 16 Business Days (Monday-Friday) prior to the first date of class.
  • 50% penalty will be incurred if cancellation/reschedule is less than 16 Business Days (Monday-Friday) prior to the first date of class. This fee is to cover instructor expenses, travel, and course materials purchased.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for Individual Students in Custom/Private Training Classes

  • Individual students registered in a private class, who cancel or do not show, are not eligible for a partial refund or reschedule. Registration is transferable to another student. Please contact your class organizer or manager if you need to cancel. 

Average Review: 4.67 out of 5 - 3 Reviews

Johns Hopkins Medicine JHMI Logo
Excellent Training for iOS App Development!
"Excellent training for Intro to iOS App Development. I learned quite a bit in a short amount of time!" - Dan H., Johns Hopkins Medicine (iPhone & iPad iOS Application Development Introduction)
Booz Allen Hamilton BAH Logo
It Was A Breeze!
"Learning just the basics of jQuery for mobile makes making apps for mobile devices a breeze! I can't wait to make my own to share on multiple platforms and devices." - Gordon W., Booz Allen Hamilton (Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Training)
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Awesome Instructor!!
"I love having classes with [this Instructor]! He's just an awesome guy. This particular class was a little fast paced for my level of knowledge, but the fact that I got as much as I *DID* out of it says something about him. :)" - Laurie B., DOD (Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Course)