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Create High-End Products!

“Daily content creation can leave you feeling short on creativity and new ideas. The two-day seminar showed how you can use Adobe in ways you didn’t think was possible as well as give you a behind-the-scene look at how to create high-end products on a reasonable timeline.” – Rebecca G. – USO of Metropolitan Washington – Baltimore (Publisher to InDesign Project Based Training®)

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Easy To Follow Instruction!

“[The Instructor] is excellent, concise, easy to follow explanations/ instruction.” Cindy B. – Columbia Association (InDesign Project Based Training®)

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Entire Experience Was Top Notch

“The entire experience of educational training from Think B!G was top notch, beginning to end. Everything from registration to lunch, to the class itself is top-notch.” – Alex B. – TBI Online (Adobe After Effects Intro Training Course)

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Skills I Will Take Back To The Office

“The ability to make shapes and text appear in fun and exciting ways are actually skills I will take back to the office with me and use in the future. This was extremely helpful.” – Maddie H. – Special Olympics MD (After Effects Intro)

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Learned A Lot More Than Expected!

“Instructor was so organized, and I learned a lot more than I expected!” Jae Eun L. – Columbia Association (After Effects Project Based Training®)

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First-Class Training Experience!

“[The Instructor] presented complicated information in a way that was easy to follow. Quality instruction, first-class training experience.” – Cindy B. – Columbia Association (After Effects Project Based Training®)

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Great Information For Anyone Wanting To Learn Video Editing

“The instructor has done a great job teaching the course. He is very knowledgable, and I would recommend him to others. I have learned a lot in this one day (Project Based Premiere Training) and hope to apply it ASAP. Great information for anyone wanting to learn video editing. Thank you!” – Daniel T. – National Rural Utilities Cooperation (Project Based Premiere Pro Training)

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A Perfect Introduction

“This is a perfect introduction to Premiere for someone who is coming from the Final Cut world.” –David B. – Rare (Premiere Pro Intro)

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Too Much Valuable Info To Count!

[The Instructor] touched on lots of really interesting points! I liked the history about how movies and video have evolved over the years (and how the different screen resolutions have changed). I also found the section about audio mixing very intriguing.” – Suzanne P., Enterprise Community Partners, Inc. (Adobe Premiere Pro Intro)

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Very Personable And Professional

“The instructor is awesome! Christine is the best Program Coordinator, very personable and professional. This is my first captivate training and it opened a new world for me. Thanks soooo much!!!!” -Julieta E. – Dimensions Health (Intro to Captivate Training)

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Fantastic Training Facility!

“FANTASTIC training facility! I would highly recommend ThinkBIG Learn Smart to anyone wanting to learn and expand their knowledge of a variety of programs/software.” – Lydia K. – NIH (Captivate Project Based Training®)

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Even Miles Away – I Felt As If I Was In The Classroom

“The online classes were very convenient and interactive. Even though I was miles away, I felt as if in the classroom with the others. I would recommend it for anyone that does not have the chance to assist them in person.” – Camyla F. – International Labour Org (Articulate Storyline Training Online)