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The Class Was Packed Full of Useful Information & Tricks

“The class was packed full of useful information and tricks that will greatly enhance my overall experience using InDesign, my product output, and will hopefully reduce the amount of time I have to spend now that I know a number of shortcuts. The instructor did a great job demonstrating multiple ways to perform a particular task and then helped us to understand why one would be preferred over another.” – Katie K. – Constellation Energy Resources (Adobe InDesign Course)

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I Had A Great Time

“I had a great time and learned so much in the past two days… I have only been using CC for a few weeks and I am excited to start creating more documents.” -Ashley H. – Rock Hog Drilling Products (InDesign Intro & InDesign Advanced)

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Class Had a Very Nice Flow & I Was Never Bored!

“I learned so much about InDesign in just two days. [Our instructor] was such a great teacher and answered all of our questions quickly and efficiently. The class had a very nice flow and I was never bored! I am excited to come back to Think Big Learn Smart for more classes in the future.”- Ashley H. – Rock Hog Drilling Products (Adobe InDesign Intro Training)

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Comfortable Setting, Nice Pace, Knowledgeable Instructor

“I would recommend this Indesign Intro course because I was able to follow along easily, it was comfortable setting to ask questions, the class went at a nice pace, and the instructor was very knowledgeable.” – Kristen D. – BAH (Intro to InDesign)

Modera Wealth Management
I Learned A Lot!

“The instructor was very easy to follow, did not move too quickly nor too slowly. I feel like I learned a lot!” –Anna L. -Modera (InDesign Intro)

Helps Greatly With Our Project & Future Endeavors

“This was a great Adobe Animate training class. Very informative. It will help us greatly with our project and future endeavors. The instructor was very patient and thorough when answering my questions. I really feel confident with the software now.” – Tina B. – SAIC (Adobe Animate Training)

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Amazing Training Experience

“I had an amazing training experience and I’m confident I can use the After Effects software on my own – and actually know what I’m doing!” – Sasha L. – Kaiser Permanente (Adobe After Effects Courses)

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Taught by a Working Professional

“The facility is great, the screen that shows the instructor’s window is huge and visible from anywhere in the room, and my instructor was very knowledgeable. It helps that he is a working professional in the field, so he knows what tools and pieces of information are important. If you want to be taught by a working professional, Think Big is the spot. I loved my After Effects class – I’m looking to blow them away at work with my new skill set.” – Bemnet Y. – USA Today (Adobe After Effects Training)

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Gain Real Working Knowledge

“Any time I get the chance to participate in training, I love coming to ThinkBig! The facilities and staff are so accommodating, professional, and offer knowledge on any Adobe area you may need help with. They understand that you want to come out of this experience with real working knowledge and use actual examples of things you might do at the workplace with each program. The team is always ready and able to support any questions and feedback students may have.” – Jade W. – TeleCommunications Systems (Adobe After Effects Training)

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I Heartily Recommend ThinkB!G

“I really enjoyed this class, it was very informative. The facilities are excellent, and the staff and instructor have been enormously helpful. I feel quite a bit more confident about using After Effects having taken this introductory class, and am excited to apply it to my work. The facilities are convenient and terrific, the instructor was top-notch, and the staff is generous, considerate, and helpful. I heartily recommend ThinkB!g.” – Krissy M. – Inovalon (After Effects Intro Training)

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The Course Was A Consistent Whirlwind of Relevant Eye Opening Information

“[Our instructor] was an amazing teacher, her knowledge depth is truly huge. The After Effects course was a consistent whirlwind of relevant, eye opening information.” – Michael M. – Sherwood Chrysler Jeep Dodge of Salisbury (After Effects Course)

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Instructors Provide Real-World Examples To Apply to Work Projects

“The staff is very friendly and courteous and the instructors provide real-world examples that can quickly be applied to work projects.” -Amanda W. – KeyW (After Effects Intro)