This is Remote Online Live Instructor-Led Training, NOT Self-Paced!
• Join our Virtual Classroom & LOG ON to Access Software & Files–No Installs!
• Our Certified Instructor-Led Training is hands-on live learning from anywhere for the same In-Person training experience with no travel!
• Instructor will have live view of student’s screen for interactive support.
• Engage live with the Instructor & students, ask questions, perform hands-on exercises while viewing live classroom screen share!

Virtual Online Live Training (VOLT) Students with LOG ON Think BIG Computer Access:
• You will use our computer to LOG ON to Access Software & Files during class.
• No Installs or Downloads or Software License Required.

Technical Set-Up Needed for Virtually Online Live:
• Access to Web Browser Google Chrome/Google Meet (Alternative: Firefox)
• Reliable high-speed internet connection, as audio is handled through the online meeting.
• Participant’s email and direct phone number for immediate communication and support.
• Hardware Required:
— Microphone (built-in to your computer, or external) for two-way communication.
— Headphones, earbuds, or computer speakers for live class audio.
— Computer/Monitor: The first screen to use for class exercises. Second screen to view instructor screen (second computer, monitor, iPad, and/or HDMI with TV).
— Computer Mouse: Requested by your instructor
*Optional: Camera connected to computer for the face-to-face classroom experience.
*NOTE: Students have the option to use their own personal computer, but still need the technical set-up required above.