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Outline & Course Information

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Duration & Times: 2 Days – 8:30AM-3:00PM EST

Locations for Training:

Course Description: The Adobe Captivate eLearning software re-imagines mobile learning by creating content including quizzes, demos, simulations, and more. In this hands-on, two-day Captivate Introduction training course, new or familiar users will build Captivate eLearning projects, including creating responsive projects, video demos, software simulations, and importing and performing a round trip from Microsoft PowerPoint for Responsive eLearning. You will also be working to add objects to captivate layouts in the timeline including adding text captions, shapes and smart objects, animating objects, and learning how to add accessibility to objects in HTML5 (508 accessibility).

Note: This Adobe training course for Captivate 2019 is now the standard version for Captivate 8 training, Captivate 9 training, and Captivate 2017 training as well as for all other previous versions of Captivate.

Prerequisites: Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications and files, as well as navigate to other folders.

Required Technical Set-Up:
• Primary computer connected to a second monitor OR second computer to view instructor live
• Reliable High-speed internet connection
• Web Browser: Google Chrome Preferred (Alternative: Microsoft Edge)
• 3-Button Computer mouse
• Audio Speaker/Microphone (built-in to computer or external)

Job Roles That Use Captivate:
Content/Courseware Developer
e-Learning Developer
Multimedia Designer
Instructional Systems Designer
Subject Matter Experts

Projects That Use Captivate:
Creating Simulations
Creating Demos
Compliance training materials that run on screens of varying sizes
Transforming PowerPoint presentations into engaging eLearning using actors, voices, interactions, and quizzes.

Adobe Captivate Introduction Course Outline

1. Introduction
E-Learning Overview
Captivates Role in E-Learning
Layout & Design Considerations for Captivate Projects
Workflow and File Organization Practices for Captivate

2. Getting to Know Captivate
Examine a Finished Project
Changing View in Captivate
Navigating a Project via Timeline and Slides
Menus and Panels in Adobe Captivate
Captivate Libraries
Properties and Properties Subpanels
Previewing Captivate Projects

3. Creating a New Captivate Project
Project Types Explained
Blank Projects (non-responsive)
Responsive Projects
Import and Round Trip from PowerPoint for Responsive eLearning
Video Demos
Software Simulations
Determining Proper Slide Size for a Project

4. Working with Slides In Captivate
Insert Slides Apply Layouts to Slides
Reorder Slides
Creating Groups of Slides
Controlling Slide Transitions

5. Adding Objects to Captivate Layouts
Objects in the Captivate Timeline
Text Captions and Their Role in Captivate
Shapes and Smart Objects
Other Objects
Highlight Boxes
Mouse Cursor
Zoom Area
Rollover Objects
Web Objects

6. Adding Accessibility to Objects in HTML5 (508 Accessibility)
Animating Objects
Working with Media In Captivate
Inserting and Working with Images
Character Animations
HTML5 Animations (from Animate CC) vs. Flash Animations
Using Web Objects to extend Captivate
Working with SVG Format Scalable Vector Assets (Illustrator files)
Adding Video directly to the Timeline
Adding Interactive Video from a Streaming Server (YouTube, Vimeo)
Adding Audio Assets to Timeline
Adding Audio Assets to Library

7. Adding Interactions to Captivate
Buttons and Click Boxes in Captivate
Image Buttons
Click Boxes
Learning Interactions
Adding Actions to Existing Objects
Using States within Interactive Objects

8. Working With Themes and Master Slides in Captivate
Why Themes Are Important for Rapid, Repeatable E-Learning Development
Fluid Boxes 2.0
Applying a Theme to a Captivate Document
Working with Master Slide View to Modify an Existing Theme
Master Slides vs. Layout Slides
Saving and Sharing a Custom Theme to Collaborate with your Workgroup
Object Styling and Custom Styles

9. Recording Activity Your Screen for Software Simulations/Demos
Video Screen Recordings
Recording a video demo using Smart Video Recording with Automatic Chroma Key Effects
Using a video demo recording in your E-learning
Recording Software Simulations
Setting up Preferences
Modes of Screen Recording
Recording for Demonstrations, Training and Assessments Simultaneously

10. Working with Audio and Narration
Using Slide Notes as Narrative Script and for Text-to-Speech Conversion
Recording Audio Narration Directly from Captivate
Hardware Setup and Configuration for Voice Over Narration

11. Quizzes In Captivate
Overview of Question Formats
CSV Question Import Template
Inserting Question Slides into Captivate
Customizing Results Slides for Feedback
Setting Quiz Preferences
Setting Preferences for Publishing to a Learning Management System (LMS)

12. Publishing Options
Automatic Device Previewer
Configuring the Player Skin and Table of Contents
Flash SWF vs. HTML5
HTML5 Publishing and the HTML5 Tracker Feature
Hybrid Publishing
Publishing for Deployment to LMS

Disclaimer: All course objectives and outlines are used as a guideline and are subject to change to ensure the latest information is covered to support real world use of the technology.

Software Versions: ThinkB!G open enrollment classes are taught on the most current version of software whenever possible. To request a specific version, please Contact Us or call us at 301-362-2250.

What You Get
  • Hands-On Official Authorized Training & Certification
  • Training Delivered from Certified Instructors that are Senior Consultants
  • Official Curriculum Courseware & Personal Use of Class Recording for Limited Time
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Remote Access to ThinkB!G Class Computer with Software licenses & Class Files Pre-Installed for Use During Training--No Installs or Downloads
  • Instructor's Real-Time View of ThinkB!G Class Computer Screen for Immediate Live Interactive Support
  • If Certification Training is Selected, It May Include a Test Prep Tool, Testing Voucher with Free Retake, and Proctor Fee (if taken with ThinkB!G Virtually)
  • Note: IT Support is Available to Pre-Flight Virtual Class Set Up Before & During Training

Public Enrollment Training

Commercial Price Per Person 2-Day Class: $795
GSA/Government Price Per Person 2-Day Class: $640.81
Non-Profit/Education Price Per Person 2-Day Class: $745

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Monday, May 08, 2023 Tuesday, May 09, 2023 8:30 am - 3:00 pm Register
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Custom Private Training

We offer this course as Custom Private Training or Project Based Training®!

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What's Included?

  • Custom Outline to include Targeted Topics Based on Your Learning Needs
  • Hands-On Official Authorized Training & Certification
  • Training Delivered from Instructors that are Senior Consultants Certified by Adobe (ACI), Apple (ACT), & Microsoft (MCT)
  • Official Curriculum Courseware
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Computer (Apple Mac or Windows PC) with Software & Class Files (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
  • Continental Breakfast Every Day (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
  • Catered Gourmet Deli Lunch Every Day (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
  • Unlimited Snacks and Refreshments (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
  • Notebook & Pen (In Person Only)
  • Free Parking (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)

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Payment Policy for Public Enrollment Classes

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Payment Policy for Private & Project Based Training® Classes

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Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for Public Enrollment Classes

  • Classes may be canceled if less than 4 students are registered. We will notify you of cancellations no later than 16 business days prior to class.
  • Canceling/Rescheduling more than 16 business days prior to class: You are eligible for a refund or free reschedule. Registration is transferable to another student for the same class & date.
  • Canceling/Rescheduling less than 16 business days prior to class: No refund. No Reschedule. Registration is transferable to another student for the same class & date.
  • No Shows without contact: No refund. No Reschedule.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for Custom/Private and On-Site Training Classes

  • No penalty if cancellation/reschedule is 16 Business Days (Monday-Friday) prior to the first date of class.
  • 50% penalty will be incurred if cancellation/reschedule is less than 16 Business Days (Monday-Friday) prior to the first date of class. This fee is to cover instructor expenses, travel, and course materials purchased.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for Individual Students in Custom/Private Training Classes

  • Individual students registered in a private class, who cancel or do not show, are not eligible for a partial refund or reschedule. Registration is transferable to another student. Please contact your class organizer or manager if you need to cancel. 

Average Review: 4.5 out of 5 - 20 Reviews

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I Always Enjoy Taking Classes With Think BIG!
I always enjoy taking classes with Think BIG! They are always very helpful.-DINFOS, Summer (Adobe Captivate Introduction Live Hands-On Instructor-Led Training Class)
The Instructor Kept Us Engaged And Made Training Fun!
Excellent training class! The Instructor kept us engaged and made training fun! Looking forward to attending more classes. -Quadient, Martina (Adobe Captivate Introduction Live Hands-On Instructor-Led Training Class)
TCC The Contact Center Maryland
I Had So Much Fun!
"I had so much fun learning the basics of Adobe Captivate... there are things I wished I knew before creating such a big project at my job that would have made my life much easier. I was very excited to learn some of the smaller features I had no idea how to use. I am excited to see what the advanced class has to show me." "I can't believe you all FED US! And let us get what we wanted from the fridge OMG! You all are amazing!" -Travis W., TCC (Captivate Intro)
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Everything Was Top Notch!
"I would recommend this training because it was very informative and entertaining at the same time. It did not bore at all, and taught me things I definitely would not have figured out myself by tinkering with the program. The entire staff was very responsive and customer friendly. Everything was top notch!" –Alex B., TBI Online (Adobe Captivate Intro)
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Think BIG is Great!
"Great, responsive trainer and Think BIG team!" – Tarnisha B. - CMS (Adobe Captivate Training - Introduction)
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The Training Was Very Entertaining!
"The instructor was great during the training--it was very helpful overall. He also made the training very entertaining!" –Amanda W., Acell (Captivate Intro)
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I Learned So Much Information That Will Help My Organization in 2 Days
“This Instructor is a great instructor. He is knowledgeable, easy to understand and a true professional. I learned so much this past 2 days. Information that will help my organization. Everyone is so friendly, courteous and helpful. I will definitely return for another class and have already recommended your company to my colleagues. Thank you!” – Mara L., IRS (Adobe Captivate Training)
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Instructor Answered Questions in a Way That Made Me Feel Confident With The Software
"This Instructor was very knowledgeable. He conveyed the information clearly and was able to answer questions in a way that makes me feel confident about using the software." - Dianne P., Venable LLP (Intro to Adobe Captivate Training)
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Online Training Option Was A Great Choice
"When I needed to quickly reacquaint myself with Adobe Captivate after not having worked in it for years, Think BIG's online training option was a great choice. Not only am I able to jump right into complex projects, but my confidence also skyrocketed." - Jennifer C., Bureau of Fiscal Service (Online Adobe Captivate Training)
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I Learned Everything I Wanted To & More!
"I would recommend this training! I learned everything I wanted to and more. The instructor was extremely helpful and very knowledgeable on the subject of the class. This was very helpful and I look forward to going back to work and use the knowledge that I received from this class on future projects." - Tiffany H., Towson University (Introduction to Adobe Captivate)
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I Can't Begin To Express How Great My Experience Was
"I can't begin to express how great my experience learning Adobe Captivate was. The instructor was lively and incredibly knowledgeable, and was always willing to stop and help or look something up. The book was useful, and the pace and class size were ideal. Thank you so much for the experience, and I hope to take more trainings with you!" -  Holly S., University of Maryland Medical Center (Adobe Captivate Intro Training)
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State-Of-The-Art & Very Welcoming
"Think BIG's training center is state-of-the-art and very welcoming. The Captivate training was flexible yet geared to all levels of computer knowledge. I felt very comfortable with the content after class. Thank you for expanding my horizons!" - Sue G., OneSource Virtual (Intro Adobe Captivate Training)
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Participants Were Cheering Throughout the Training
"This instructor was an engaging and knowledgeable trainer who modified and adapted our Captivate 7 training to meet the needs of a diverse group of online instructors, and professional development staff. Participants were literally cheering throughout the two day training." - Angela V., JHU (Adobe Captivate Course)
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My Goals Were Met & Surpassed
"This was a fantastic two days. My goals were met and surpassed... and I REALLY had a great time doing it (and ate well to boot)." - Bill W. - Montgomery College (Adobe Captivate Training for Beginners)
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Smart Training with Big Results
"Think BIG. Learn Smart delivers smart training with big results." - Christopher R. - Northrop Grumman (Adobe Captivate Introduction)
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Amazing & Well Organized Facilities
"Overall the Captivate class was great. The instructor and staff were very courteous and helpful. The facilities are amazing and well organized. I would recommend that anyone looking for information about Adobe products take the time to come to one of the offered classes. Good introductory course for this type of class. Instructor was thoughtful and assisted everyone as needed."  - Nicole L., Shimadzu Scientific Instruments (Adobe Captivate Intro Course)
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Knowledgable Friendly Staff, Comfortable Enviroment
"Our company began using Adobe Captivate for Web-based Training this past year. Think BIG helped me get over the learning curve of using Captivate. The staff is very knowledgable and friendly and the environment is comfortable in all aspects."  - Richard R., Amtrak (Adobe Captivate Training Course)
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In-Depth, Customized Training
"The trainer was very knowledgeable and patient. In addition to teaching the standard topics, he allowed for topic customization. I thought the Captivate training was in-depth and addressed all of the questions I had." - Dawn D., T. Rowe Price (Adobe Captivate Training)
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Flexible And Knowledgable
"Covered all functionality to enable me to figure out what I would most want to make use of. Also very flexible and knowledgable about questions asked in class and how to best approach different challenges." - Robin D., Constellation Energy (Adobe Captivate Intro)
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Very Personable And Professional
"The instructor is awesome! Christine is the best Program Coordinator, very personable and professional.  This is my first captivate training and it opened a new world for me. Thanks soooo much!!!!" - Julieta E., Dimensions Health (Intro to Captivate Training)