“Northeastern University’s Academic Technology Services bought a SmartPass to train staff on new technologies relevant to the flipped classroom and web development. We found the ThinkBig course instructors incredibly knowledgeable and the coordinators flexible and responsive. The books offered along with the course were helpful, but it was clear that instructors were very experienced and highly effective in their areas and not just following along with the book–they seemed ready to engage and truly respond to questions, difficulties, and the specific conditions we’d be using software in. After finishing the SmartPass classes, we’ve seen improvements in our workflows, more confidence in teaching software, and the ability to leverage these e-learning and web tools to do some really great things. We bought another Smart Pass so we can jump in on any new ThinkBig classes offered in our area as soon as they become available, and we are currently working with the ThinkBig team to develop a custom e-learning development course.”  – Lindsey S.- Northeastern University (SmartPass Savings Pass Customer)