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Outline & Course Information

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Duration & Times: 2 Days – 8:30AM-3:00PM EST

Locations for Training:

Course Description: This Advanced Adobe LiveCycle Designer training class will dive into advanced techniques to create electronic forms that can complement or supersede other means of collecting and presenting enterprise data. After this training course, you will be able to create static and dynamic interactive forms which reduce data collection and processing errors, as well as enhance the user experience. The course covers the basics of form design, dynamic form layouts, and advance techniques for adding intelligence to your forms.

Prerequisites: Students need to have completed our LiveCycle Designer Introduction course or have working knowledge in all topics covered in the Introduction course outline. Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save, and close applications and files, as well as navigate to other folders.

Required Technical Set-Up:
• Primary computer connected to a second monitor OR second computer to view instructor live
• Reliable High-speed internet connection
• Web Browser: Google Chrome Preferred (Alternative: Microsoft Edge)
• 3-Button Computer mouse
• Audio Speaker/Microphone (built-in to computer or external)

Job Roles That Use LiveCycle Designer:
Forms Designer
Data & Record Managers
Document Specialists

Projects That Use LiveCycle Designer:
Creating and maintaining electronic documents and forms
Creating dynamic XML form templates rendered as PDF or HTML
Supporting XML data
Schema bindings
Document security (secure template designs for digital signatures)
Enabling compliance with gov’t accessibility requirements
Creating workflows & processes to increase efficiency

Adobe LiveCycle Designer (AEM Forms) Advanced Course Outline

Lesson 1
The Designer Environment
Designer Objects
Master and Body Pages
Form Design Views

Lesson 2
Creating and Configuring Master Pages
Configuring and Organizing Designer
Draw Objects
Field Objects
Complex Container Objects
Formatting Properties
Custom Objects

Lesson 3
Designing Body Pages
XML Form Designs
Form Design File Formats
Import and Open Documents and Forms
XML Source in Designer
Configuring the Designer Environment

Lesson 4
Working with Form Data and Binding
Export and Submit Form Data
Enter, Import, and Merge Form Data
Binding an Object to a Data Description Element
Using External Data Sources
Organizing the Form Design with Subforms
Retrieving Data from Web Services
Connecting to a WSDL File
Calling the Web Service

Lesson 5
Creating a self signature in Acrobat
Signing a simple form
Creating a signature collection
Locking fields with a signature
Using multiple signatures

Lesson 6
Creating 2-D bar codes on simple forms
Creating a 2-D bar code collection
Reviewing the results

Lesson 7
Adding Business Logic with Scripts
Introducing Scripting in Designer
Scripting Languages in Designer
Script Editor
Create Basic Scripts
Designer Script Editor Options

Lesson 8
Using the Scripting Object Model
Scripting Object Model Events
Writing SOM Expressions
Form-level Scripting
Accessing Field Properties
Using the XML Source
Validating Form Data
Mandatory Data

Lesson 9
Creating Dynamic Forms
Dynamic Form Objects
Subform Review
Using Tables in Designer
Subform Types
Dynamic Table Properties
Dynamic Data Binding
Formatting Tables
Formatting Subforms
Creating an Overflow Leader and Trailer
User-Driven Dynamic Forms
Instance Manager

Lesson 10
Using the JavaScript Debugger
Using Host and Event Accessors
The Script Object
Using the Acrobat JavaScript Object Model
Advanced Scripting Techniques

Disclaimer: All course objectives and outlines are used as a guideline and are subject to change to ensure the latest information is covered to support real world use of the technology.

Software Versions: ThinkB!G open enrollment classes are taught on the most current version of software whenever possible. To request a specific version, please Contact Us or call us at 301-362-2250.

What You Get
  • Hands-On Official Authorized Training & Certification
  • Training Delivered from Certified Instructors that are Senior Consultants
  • Official Curriculum Courseware & Personal Use of Class Recording for Limited Time
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Remote Access to ThinkB!G Class Computer with Software licenses & Class Files Pre-Installed for Use During Training--No Installs or Downloads
  • Instructor's Real-Time View of ThinkB!G Class Computer Screen for Immediate Live Interactive Support
  • If Certification Training is Selected, It May Include a Test Prep Tool, Testing Voucher with Free Retake, and Proctor Fee (if taken with ThinkB!G Virtually)
  • Note: IT Support is Available to Pre-Flight Virtual Class Set Up Before & During Training

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  • Hands-On Official Authorized Training & Certification
  • Training Delivered from Instructors that are Senior Consultants Certified by Adobe (ACI), Apple (ACT), & Microsoft (MCT)
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  • Certificate of Completion
  • Computer (Apple Mac or Windows PC) with Software & Class Files (In Person Only at ThinkB!G)
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  • Canceling/Rescheduling less than 16 business days prior to class: No refund. No Reschedule. Registration is transferable to another student for the same class & date.
  • No Shows without contact: No refund. No Reschedule.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for Custom/Private and On-Site Training Classes

  • No penalty if cancellation/reschedule is 16 Business Days (Monday-Friday) prior to the first date of class.
  • 50% penalty will be incurred if cancellation/reschedule is less than 16 Business Days (Monday-Friday) prior to the first date of class. This fee is to cover instructor expenses, travel, and course materials purchased.

Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy for Individual Students in Custom/Private Training Classes

  • Individual students registered in a private class, who cancel or do not show, are not eligible for a partial refund or reschedule. Registration is transferable to another student. Please contact your class organizer or manager if you need to cancel. 

Average Review: 4.5 out of 5 - 2 Reviews

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Think BIG Provides a Wonderful Environment for Learning
“The instructor was very thorough and extremely helpful. The class environment is meant to incorporate calls participation/involvement and [the instructor] does an excellent job facilitating a cooperative environment. This class was great and it is always a pleasure to interact with all of the staff at Think BIG. You guys provide a wonderful environment for learning.” – Wes K., USCIS DHS - (Advanced Adobe LiveCycle Designer Training)
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Amount of Knowledge Learned That Can Be Used In a Live Environment Was Truly Amazing
"The amount of knowledge learned that can be used in a live environment was truly amazing. Everything in taught could be used with real world forms not just cookie cutter perfect scenario exercises."Shaun B., Special Operations Command (Adobe LiveCycle Designer Advanced Training)