Some say learning is a two-way street – We appreciate this metaphor and agree that learning should never feel insular. You don’t want to be talked at; you want to talk with. We’re in this together!

We view learning not as a two-way street, but rather as a connected superhighway. Profound power and energy emit from groups of people sharing questions, inspiration, anecdotes, and tips.

The Think B!G collaborative learning environment enables you to learn, network with others, and gain insight on best practices, project ideas, and techniques to BuildSmart.

We created the ThinkB!G Community with you — the collective you — in mind. When you sign up to join the community, you immediate become “part of the family of experts.” You can access premium content, easily keep a personalized training record, collaborate with other students, and gain access to communicate with ThinkB!G instructors.

Join the ThinkB!G community and enjoy the connection!