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Course Overview:

Our Infographic Essentials training class provides you with skills and techniques to analyze data and trends for designing and building compelling Infographics. Students will be introduced to workflows for collecting, analyzing, story boarding and producing visual stories. The use of pre-designed Infographic templates and other resources will be covered for use on websites, mobile devices, e-publications and print. Students will gain hands-on experience where they will sketch illustrations of data and design compelling visual graphic illustration sutilizing Adobe and Microsoft applications. Students will also learn best practices, workflows and techniques through real world examples by applying font, color, images, charts and complex data maps.

Prerequisites for Attending this Infographics Course: 

No prior knowledge or graphic design experience required but attendees should have a working knowledge of computers and operating systems, as well as experience using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands.

Job Roles That Use Infographics:

Graphic Designers
Creative Professionals
Marketing Professionals
Communication Teams
Web Designers
Content Managers
e-Learning Teams

Projects That Use Infographics:

Projects that are content centric and data driven that needs to be re-purposed graphically for ease of user consumption and drive a compelling response and/or recognition.

Locations for Infographics:

In Person at ThinkB!G’s Office in Columbia, MD (next to the Columbia Mall)
Online Live from Anywhere (Upon Request)
Private Custom Training On Site or at Your Location
Project Based Training On Site or at Your Location

Times for Infographics:

In Person & Online Live: 8:30AM-3:00PM ET / 5:30AM-12:00PM PT (30 Minute Lunch)
Private Custom & Project Based Training: Your preference
*Please click the Dates To Register tab above to see all dates & times available.*

This Course Includes:

Hands-On Training Led by Certified Instructors
Print and/or Digital Courseware
Certificate of Completion
Continental Breakfast Every Day (In Person Only)
Catered Gourmet Deli Lunch Every Day (In Person Only)
Unlimited Snacks and Refreshments (In Person Only)
Notebook & Pen (In Person Only)
Free Parking (In Person Only)

Software Versions:

ThinkB!G open enrollment classes are taught on the most current version of software whenever possible. To request a specific version, please Contact Us or call us at 301-362-2250.

Infographics Training Course Reviews:

“The time seemed to fly by, which is a testimony to how interesting the class is.” -Karen T. (SSA)

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Infographics Training: Course Outline

1. Exercise: Anybody Can Sketch

2. Infographic History
Expansion of the attached deck
Basic visual tools for representing data
Vertical & Horizontal bars
Pie charts & Tables
Pictograms & Maps

3. Exercise Exploration

4. Democratization of Infographics
Techniques, best practices and workflows
Maintaining a collaborative culture of visual information
Free tools, software, and resources for non-designers

5. Making Graphics
Workflows for collecting, analyzing, storyboarding, & producing visual stories

6. Infographic Best Practices
Pre-designed infographics templates
Chart forms explored: Org. chart, Flow chart, Work plan, Timeline, Progress report, Spider chart, Schedule and budget chart

7. Spreadsheet to Canvas
Creating charts from conception
Ready References for data analysis formulas
Dealing with percentages
Tricky Situations
Missing data, big numbers, small change
Comparable scalesColoring with black ink

8. Typography, Layout and Color
Functional theories
FontsThe Visual
Data Continuum

9. Visual Explanations & Maps
Strategies for visualizations beyond charts
Using template maps, isometric drawing elements andother resources

10. Output
Strategies for making the final product fit for purpose
Exporting the best file type for any situation including interacting with Microsoft Office


All course objectives and outlines are a guide for students.  To ensure student satisfaction, these course topics and order may be modified or added to ensure the latest information is covered to support real world use of the technology.


Infographic Training: Class Reviews

“The time seemed to fly by, which is a testimony to how interesting the class is.” -Karen T. (SSA)

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Course Location Start Date End Date Time
Infographic Essentials

ThinkB!G (In-Person Only)

Monday, Aug 14, 2017 Tuesday, Aug 15, 2017 8:30 am EDT - 3:00 pm EDT Register
Infographic Essentials

ThinkB!G (In-Person Only)

Monday, Sep 25, 2017 Tuesday, Sep 26, 2017 8:30 am EDT - 3:00 pm EDT Register
Infographic Essentials

ThinkB!G (In-Person Only)

Wednesday, Nov 08, 2017 Thursday, Nov 09, 2017 8:30 am EDT - 3:00 pm EDT Register
Infographic Essentials

ThinkB!G (In-Person Only)

Monday, Dec 11, 2017 Tuesday, Dec 12, 2017 8:30 am EDT - 3:00 pm EDT Register