Acrobat Section 508 Accessibility Training Courses

Adobe Acrobat Section 508 Accessibility Compliance Training Course

Maryland, Virginia, Washington D.C., Virtually Online Live & On-Site

This Adobe Acrobat Section 508 accessibility training course will help you to become familiar with, and come into compliance with the Federal Government’s ADA Section 508 accessibility regulations. The course will cover software features that are designed to help you meet those requirements. Students are expected to be familiar with Acrobat already, as no time is allotted to review any basics of the application. This material is applicable to all recent versions of MS Office and Adobe Acrobat.

All of our certified Adobe Acrobat 508 training courses are available at our Adobe Authorized training facility in Columbia, MD (convenient to Baltimore & Washington D.C.) or virtually online live from anywhere. Also you can hire our Acrobat 508 Experts, or request a private Acrobat 508 training at our location, your location, or online live.  GSA (Government) pricing and Educational discounts are available for open enrollment & Acrobat Section 508 private classes.


Students must have a good working knowledge of computers, operating systems, using a mouse, keyboard, standard menus and commands. Students must be able to open, save and close applications files, as well as navigate to other folders.

Acrobat Section 508 Training Course Objectives

-What is accessibility in publications?
-What are the Section 508 requirements?
-Evaluating existing PDF publications, forms, and archived documents
-Workflow adjustments to comply with accessibility standards
-Authoring documents for accessibility
-Applying the best design practices to yield accessibility
-Adding alternate text to images and charts
-Working with tables, figures and captions
-Preserving accessibility features when exporting to PDF
-Using the Accessibility Checker and the Tags panel in Acrobat
-Creating a PDF from Microsoft Word
-Create an Accessible PDF file from Adobe InDesign

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Adobe Acrobat Section 508 Accessibility Training Class Outline

1. PDF Accessibility Overview
Overview of Portable Document Format (PDF)
Determine the Accessibility Path for each PDF Document
Start with an Accessible Document
Characteristics of Accessible PDF files
Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Reader Accessibility Features
Accessibility Features of Adobe XI Reader, Adobe XI Standard, and Adobe XI Pro
The Acrobat XI Pro Accessibility Guide Series

2. Using the Acrobat XI Pro Accessibility Checker
The Make Accessible Action Wizard
Accessibility Checker (Full Check)
Additional Functional Validation Techniques
WCAG 2.0 Mapng to PDF/UA

3. Acrobat XI Pro PDF Accessibility Repair Workflow

Step 1: Examine the PDF File
Step 2: Add Document Properties and Interactive Features
Document Title, Subject, Author, and Keywords
Set Security That Permits Accessibility
Create Accessible Links
Add Bookmarks
Set Initial View/Open Options
Step 3: Perform OCR on Scanned Document
How to Determine if a PDF File is a Scanned Document
Perform OCR on a Scanned Document
Step 4: Add Form Fields and Set the Tab Order
Step 5: Set the Document Language
Step 6: Add Tags to the Document
Determine if the Document has been Tagged
Add Tags to an Untagged Document
Step 7: Examine and Repair the Tag Structure
Touch Up Reading Order Tool (TURO)
Tips for using the Touch Up Reading Order Tool
Checking Read Order with the Touch Up Read Order Tool
Edit Tags with the Touch Up Reading Order Tool
Using the Touch Up Reading Order Tool Table Editor
Editing Table Tags
Remove or Replace Document Structure Tags using the Touch Up Reading Order Tool
Tags Panel
Adobe® Acrobat® XI Pro Accessibility Guide: Best Practices for PDF Accessibility
Correct Table Tags with the Tags Panel
Step 8: Add Alternative Text
Add Alternate Text and Supplementary Information to Tags
Step 9: Use the Accessibility Checker to Evaluate the PDF File

4. Create an Accessible Microsoft Word Document
Use Styles
Add Alternative Text
Microsoft Word 2010 Accessibility Checker
Adobe Acrobat XI PDF Maker
Show or activate PDF Maker in Microsoft Word
View PDFMaker conversion settings
PDF Settings for Other Microsoft Office Applications
Convert the Word Document to Accessible PDF
If the Word Document is a Form Check the Resulting PDF With Acrobat XI Pro
Changes to the Conversion Settings
Repairs You Should Make in the Source File
Repairs You Should Make in the PDF File
Use Acrobat Action Wizards to Streamline Repetitive Tasks

5. Acrobat XI Pro Accessible Forms and Interactive Documents
Types of interactive PDF Form Fields
Automatic Field Detection using the Acrobat Form Wizard
Creating a Form without the Forms Wizard
Forms Editing Mode
Selecting a New Form Field to Create
Form Field Properties
Setting Tooltips for Form Fields
Editing or Modifying an Existing Form Field
Deleting a Form Field
Field Actions
Validation and Error Messages
Set the Tab Order
Provide Instructions and Onscreen Labels
Other Accessibility Considerations

6. Create an Accessible PDF file from Adobe InDesign
Structuring content
Paragraph and Character Styles
Defining Export Tags
Controlling Reading Order
The Articles panel
The Layers panel
Object Export Options
Adding Alternate text
Working with Tables
Adding Links
Adding bookmarks


All course objectives and outlines are a guide for students.  To ensure student satisfaction, these course topics and order may be modified or added to ensure the latest information is covered to support real world use of the technology.

Acrobat Section 508 Training Reviews From Our Students

“Best Training I’ve received in over 30 years as a professional. Great staff, quality training center and top notch trainers. I’ll be back!” - Carrie G. General Dynamics Information Technology

“This Acrobat 508 Accessibility class was wonderful! Luisa is so knowledgeable about all things Abode. I love how hands-on the class was. This interaction makes it so much easier to implement my new found knowledge at work!” - Ambyr F. Bureau of Land Managament

“This Acrobat 508 Compliance training was perfectly paced to cover all topics without being overwhelming, with plenty of time to explore specific student-led examples; entirely hands-on so we could work along. I feel like I will retain and use a lot of what I learned.” - Lindsay E. – Department of Labor

“I have a project that needs the pdfs to be 508 compliant back to the customer. I had read up about it and had a vague idea of what needed to be done, but this class totally enlighten the work I have in front of me! I’m glad I signed up for this course!” – Becki T. Gateway Press

“This is an excellent overview (and depth) into the intricate world of 508 compliance and Adobe. Have always been happy with the classes offered here. Chad is a treasure knowledgeable, responsive and personable.” – Lisa D. – EMMES

“Very good class and what I learned will help me with daily assignments.” – Jorge U. – FDA

“Love the small classroom one on one environment!” – Maurice C. – FDA

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Acrobat 508

Columbia, MD - In Person & Online Live

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Acrobat 508

Columbia, MD - In Person & Online Live

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